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Learn what conversations and events are trending with your customers -- then easily take action.

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Bain and Co.2 found that improving customer retention by just 5% increases your profits by up to 95%.

See what's trending with your customers

  • Staying relevant on social media is time consuming. On average, you spend upwards of 66% of your day researching and predicting potential topics.
  • Ncrease monitors your customers' social activity, identifying their trending conversations and events

Participate with one-click

  • Participating in a conversation or event is a strategic choice for your business. With one-click, you can act on a trend or choose to do nothing.
  • Ncrease’s machine-learning algorithms quickly learn which trends are important to you and suggest more like them.

Reach your customers (and more)

  • Sometimes content needs a champion. See which of your customers are the biggest influencers for specific trends and leverage their reach and word-of-mouth.
  • Ncrease analyzes each customer to determine how he or she may boost your social presence.
Invest in your customers now
Save time on social media

Save time on social media

Boost your social engagement

Boost your social engagement

Increase customer buying frequency

Increase customer buying frequency

Get your customers to spend more, while you save.
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